When it comes to losing weight, diet pills have proven themselves as one of the most efficient tools that could provide help to those who want to burn some fat. Thing is, diet pills are not for just anyone. First of all, if you want to consume these pills and lose some fat you should know how to use them properly. You should also know that when you consume diet pills, you should also eat healthy food and exercise. This way, you will make your pills more effective. Also, diet pills and other products that burn fat should not be consumed by those who have a high blood pressure or a heart disease.


First on our list is Orlistat. Approved in 1999 it has gained quite a popularity among its consumers. This drug is made to combat obesity and it is quite successful in its work. It is usually combined with a low-fat diet. When you eat and consume Orlistat all the fat that you consumed will not be absorbed into your body. This drug has proven to be quite successful; however, it doesn’t come without risks. It has been recorded that some users suffered liver damage, although it wasn’t proved that this drug caused it. Also, those who consume Orlistat may experience gassiness or oily bowel movement.

Lorcaserin made astonishing results when combined with diet and exercise. This drug will make the user to feel full and to eat less. It is also used for treating those who suffer from obesity. Still, even this “miracle maker” has its side-effects. It is recorded that some of the users felt a headache or dizziness while consuming this drug.

Phentermine + Topiramate works in a similar way as Lorcaserin. And like Lorcaserin and Orlistat, it is legal. It is also used for treating obese persons because it decreases the appetite. Pregnant women should not consume it because it could affect the fetus and it is even recorded that some users (1 in 500) developed suicidal thoughts.

Liraglutide is known to promote insulin production. It will regulate your blood sugar levels. It is used to treat obesity and diabetes and it is very effective. People who have a family history of certain cancers should not consume this drug because it is known to cause thyroid tumors upon those who are susceptible to this disease.

Bupropion + naltrexone is known to decrease hunger. It is also used to treat depression and alcohol addiction. It recorded that some users developed suicidal thoughts and it can even affect cardiovascular system in a bad way.